Our Mission

To promote statistics as a tool for development planning and evidence based policy formulation and decision making.

Our Vision

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To create a proactive, coordinated, well managed and resourced system capable of meeting statistical data and information needs of the State towards sustainable development of the State and poverty reduction.

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Profile of Owo Local Government Area

Headquarter: Owo
Distance of HQ. to State Capital: 48 (Km)
When Created: 1989
Land Area: 993.71 (km sq)
Population: (2006 Census 222,262) (2017 Projection: 304,770)
Density Population: 223.65
First Local Government Chairman: J . T Adelehin 1993 - 1995
Current Chairman:
Major Market Products: Gari, Yam, Palm-oil, Maize, Cashew, Kolanut, Coconut
Number of Public Primary Schools: 153
Number of Public Secondary School: 57
Number of Public Health Centre: 14
Number of Political Wards: 11
Available Tourism Sites: Owo museum, Owo
Available Mineral Resources: -------
Major Cultural Festival(s): Igogo festival

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